Vassvik (NO)


Torgeir Vassvik is a coastal samí and his music mirrors the landscape of his people, a stony and barren landscape hidden in darkness through the winter and bathed in polar light during the summer months. Now living in Oslo with his family and making his living as a musician, Vassvik combines the samí tradition of Joik music with inspiration from both the East and the West. He performs his music in various constellations. On Fanø he will perform with a trio with the Kjorstad Brothers. Through inspiration from musical genres as different as jazz, rock and classical music, Vassvik tells the story of the samí tradition, which has in many years been a repressed part of Norwegian culture, in a modern, appealing and almost mesmerizing way – as audiences have witnessed on festivals such as Roskilde Festival and Tønder Festival. And now comes the time for Fanø Free Folk Festival.

The concert is supported by PULS.