Uhrbrand/Bjørslev – Tribute to Bert Jansch’ “Avocet” (DK)

The amazing Scottish guitarist Bert Jansch, who passed away in 2011, has been a huge influence on the contemporary folk scene. Earlier this year his all instrumental 1979-album “Avocet” was reissued. The Quietus wrote about the reissue: “An obstinate rambler and musical autodidact, Jansch was never the one to move with the times, but rather to keep ploughing his own furrow and developing his art. It’s something that can be seen in abundance in the understated elegance of this album, a compositional feat taking in all of Bert’s influences up to this point, including jazz, blues, baroque and classical music, and folk.” In fact “Avocet” was originally recorded and released in Denmark in 1978 and forms itself as a musical tribute to sea birds and wading birds. We don’t know if Jansch visited Fanø on his time in Denmark but “Avocet” seems like the perfect soundtrack for watching the rich birdlife around Fanø. So we asked two renowned Fanø musicians – Peter Uhrbrand (fiddle) and Jørgen Bjørslev (guitar) – to give their own personal interpretation of “Avocet”. Both are rooted strongly in the traditional folk music of Fanø, but like Jansch they are also able to draw on inspirations from jazz, baroque music and much more. Both Bjørslev and Uhrbrand are also known for their trio Det Yderste Hav with Fanø-writer Jeppe Brixvold.