Tanja Vesterbye Jessen (DK)

Tanja Vesterbye

It’s not the first time we hear from Tanja Vesterbye Jessen at Fanø Free Folk Festival. In fact she played on the very first edition of the festival with the band Flowers of Yes! And she has paid visits several times since while also being an integrated part of the FFFF family, helping other bands to sound awesome as part of the FFFF sound team. After making a name for herself as part of different bands from the underground music scene in Copenhagen, Tanja Vesterbye Jessen has started her career as a soloist with the album “Feeling love”. Tanja’s music is a colorful combination of different styles such as noisy guitar, classic pop sounds, repetition and abstract song structures. Through her music Tanja makes a space where folk, pop and noise can coexist and collaborate. This summer her unique way of playing and performing can be experienced as a part of the line up of Fanø Free Folk Festival.