Shirley Collins (UK) [Cancelled]


We’re heartbroken to tell you that sadly Shirley Collins won’t make it to Fanø Free Folk Festival this year!

Shirley has to regretfully has to announce that she won’t be able to come to the Fanø Free Folk Festival. She’s is going to have to have a small and hopefully procedural operation in the coming days. It’s bad timing, but unavoidable and she is upset about not being able to come along to perform. Shirley wishes Fanø a successful and happy festival.

Fanø Free Folk Festival wishes her a succesful operation and good recovery. She’s a great inspiration to us, so let’s enjoy one of her magnificent tracks.

“Shirley Collins is without doubt one of England’s greatest cultural treasures” – Billy Bragg

“God save Shirley Collins: the Real Queen of England!” – The Quietus

It’s safe to say that without Shirley Collins, there would be no Fanø Free Folk Festival. Not only has the singer had a huge influence on folk music in post-war England, she has also been a crucial inspiration for the entire neo-folk movement, with Current 93’s David Tibet being one of her most prominent fans. So what better way to celebrate Fanø Free Folk Festival’s 10 year anniversary than to present a very rare Danish concert with this iconic musician? We’re truly honoured that Shirley Collins will visit Fanø this summer. Born in 1935, she has been bringing forgotten voices to life since the 50s, when she started collecting and recording songs. She also did some pioneering work collecting field recordings of folk music in the US together with Alan Lomax. After several decades of absence from the music scene, she returned in 2016 with the sensational record ‘Lodestar’. The album received wide critical acclaim and was followed up by the documentary ‘The Ballad of Shirley Collins’ and her own memoir, ‘All In The Downs’. At Fanø Free Folk Festival she is joined by Ian Kearey – the producer of ‘Lodestar’ and also known as a founding member of Oysterband.