Sarah Louise (US)


Sarah Louise Henson is one part of the duo House and Land, but will also perform with her solo project for this year’s festival. Finding inspiration in fields and forests surrounding her North Carolina home, self-taught 12-string guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Sarah Louise forages nature for the free-flowing qualities of her guitarplaying and her layered, poetic compositions. Her latest album “Deeper Woods” has just been released on Thrill Jockey and is the first to prominently feature her voice thus allowing her the quilting together of her diverse inspirations into dense but delicate songs. The first single “The Field That Touches My House and Yours” for example eschews the use of her well-known guitarplaying entirely, replacing Louise’s signature intricate picking patterns with warm keyboards and synthesizers. The Appalachian valley is still the setting for her stories of independence, solitude, and awe, but the stories and the emotions they portray are conveyed through rich textures of instruments and harmonies exploring both folk, psychedelia, spiritual jazz, and experimental music.