Rasmus Kjær (DK)

Rasmus Kjær has made a name for himself as a keyboard player and pianist in a wide range of Danish projects. He has played in experimental bands such as Under Byen, Klimaforandringer and Frisk Frugt but is also well known in jazz circles for playing with acts like Kresten Osgood, Jonas Westergaard and Jeppe Højgaard. In early 2016 he released the solo album “Orgelimprovisationer”, consisting entirely of improvisations on the pipe organ in Philip’s Church on Amager. Using specially developed techniques, Rasmus Kjær bends the massive sound of the pipe organ in new and surprising directions drawing on inspirations from drone music, ambient and contemporary classical music. The album was well received by the critics and now we have the pleasure of welcoming Rasmus Kjær to a special and site specific improvisation on the organ in Sønderho Church.