Praed (LB)


Psychedelic shaabi in Sønderho! That’s a sentence you don’t hear everyday. But Lebanese duo Praed are ready to create quite a party, when they bring the vivid arab dance music to Fanø with a mix of psychedelic electronic sounds, jazzy improvisations and delirious clarinets. Much like the traditional Sønderhoning dance of Fanø seems to induce a trance like state, so the music of Praed aims to send the audience into a hypnotic state – or with their own words: put the listener in a state of sonic delirium. Praed has performed at several festivals around the world, and in 2018 they expanded their line-up with a new big band version including people such as Nadah el Shazly, Maurice Louca, Alan Bishop, Radwan Moumneh and more. They have recently released the acclaimed album ‘Doomsday Survival Kit’. So grab a kaffepunch and strap in for a wild dance ritual!