Own Road Band (DK)


Own Road is usually Copenhagen-based Simon Skjødt Jensen’s one-man band, but this year the project will expand to a six member special edition version! Own Road’s music exists in a twilight space between American folk music, singer-songwriter, and psychedelica. With a beautiful voice, guitars, percussion as well as more exotic instruments, Simon’s compositions move effortlessly between anxiety, melodic beauty, and otherworldly abandon. Own Road’s eponymous debut was released in 2010 to great critical acclaim with numerous EP’s and different projects to follow – amongst them a split album with FFFF-alumni Mute Swimmer. In late 2018 Simon was invited to play at a private party in Viborg where old friends and earlier collaborators from Simon’s ex-band The Fields joined him on stage. The rich sound and new perspectives of Simon’s body of work made sense for the full band to explore further, and seeing as Own Road was part of Fanø Free Folk Festival’s very first line-up, it made perfect sense to welcome Simon back for our anniversary with his evolved special edition Own Road Band featuring Thomas Richard Christens, Svend Ghani Nordby, Jody Ghani Nordby, Ellen Holck, and Thomas Ahlmark.