Nevesta’s Voice (DK/DE)


Stories and landscapes come to life and cross each other through the otherworldly voices of the three women Johanne Baadsgaard Lange, Elisabeth Klein and Helene Tungelund who together form Nevesta’s Voice. Originally brought together by a mutual love for the Bulgarian singing tradition with its depth, power and heart aching beauty, Nevesta’s Voice have since set out on an ongoing journey, exploring various sound universes of European folk songs. From the very north of Scandinavia and The Baltics, through the Balkans, Mediterranean and the Middle Eastern cradle of Europe. Nevesta’s Voice interpret and pass on folk songs in their own honest, minimalistic and soulful way. Often in a purely a capella form, but at times also accompanied by such instruments as accordion and celtic harp. It’s not often that we have the chance to present folk music so strongly rooted in a vocal tradition on Fanø Free Folk Festival. So we’re very excited to have Nevesta’s Voice on this year’s programme for what will without doubt be a mesmerizing journey through European song.