Karolina Cicha & Company (PL)


“One of Poland’s most accomplished and interesting vocalist” – Songlines

Singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Karolina Cicha draws from the richness and diversity of her home region – Podlaskie, located in the very northeast of Poland, which is one of the most culturally and ethnically diverse areas in Poland – the borderland between the East an the West. The region is inhabited by Polish, Belarusians, Lithuanians, Ukrainians, Russians, Tatars and Roma people. Before the war there was a big Jewish community living here – the Jews constituted a big proportion of local society. Many religions are practiced there, many languages spoken. No wonder it was here that the idea of Esperanto language was born – in this multicultural environment Ludwig Zamenhof was brought up. All of this is reflected in the music of Cicha – a folk music which brings forth alternative stories and questions national narratives. Just as the music reflects a sense of borderland, the music in itself might be called a borderland, not just between different traditions, but also between traditional styles and a modern musical language. Karolina Cicha will perform at Fanø Free Folk Festival with her group Company. The Company’s musicians are selected individually for every concert. They specialize in playing the ethnic instruments such as fiddle form Plock, Bilgoraj suka, dulcimer, oud, rubab, tombak and daf.