Kapela Maliszów (PL)

Kapela Maliszów

When Songlines recently published their list “The 50 Greatest World Music Albums of the Last Five Years” the Polish trio Kapela Maliszów featured prominently with their latest album, ‘Wiejski Dżez’, literally meaning ‘Village Jazz’. Village jazz is indeed a perfect description for the music which breathes new life into age old folk music traditions from rural parts of Southern Poland with fiery and jazzy improvisations. Jan Malisz is a man who keeps traditions from the villages alive, not just by playing music, but also leading workshops and building his own instruments like violins, hurdy-gurdys, nyckelharpas and more. With Kapela Maliszów he gets help from his two children, Kacper (violin) and Zuzanna (baraban drum, frame drum). Together the family trio delivers a fresh take on Polish folk music which has received high praises internationally. Now they take their village jazz to the village of Sønderho.