House and Land (US)

Skærmbillede 2018-05-13 kl. 17.14.53

House and Land is the duo of multi-instrumentalists Sally Anne Morgan (The Black Twig Pickers, Pelt) and Sarah Louise Henson. The duo has devoted themselves to extensive knowledge and musical practice of traditional Appalachian folk ballads and minimalism. With fiddle, banjo, 12-string guitar, bouzouki, shruti box, and vocals they create modern, minimal music clearly continuing folk music tradition while staying entirely free from nostalgic treatment of elements. The hand-hewn quality of Morgan’s and Henson’s intricate work with voices and hands – an image almost as simple and calming as House and Land – surely transports the listener to another time and otherworldly voices like Shirley Collins’, but their minimalist approach, feminist perspectives, and meticulous attention to compositional detail such as microtonality, repetition, and their use of drone so present in Appalachian music, turns House and Lands’ tunes into living entities constantly being reclaimed, rearranged and constantly evolving by their hands. The creative connection between nature, history, and minimalism makes House and Land one of the current scene’s best, most modern interpreters of traditional folk music proved by the duo’s beautiful album “House and Land” from 2017, and it’s a great pleasure to present the duo’s first performance on Danish lands.