Gethenian Suite (SE)

The treasured science fiction writer Ursula Le Guin was an unusual character, who not only wrote a number of deeply fascinating books; she even experimented with creating folk music for imaginary civilisations. In this way, it makes perfect sense that a Swedish folk musician with a sense of the otherworldly would create a wildly ambitious suite of music inspired by Le Guin’s book “The Left Hand of Darkness”. This is precisely what Erik Dahl has done with Gethenian Suite. Erik Dahl has previously performed at FFFF with the duo I Underlandet. For performing the Le Guin-inspired suite, Erik Dahl has handpicked an all star team of musicians from projects such as Tzeitel, I Underlandet, Dagny, Världens Band, The String Theory, and more. Together they create a cinematic concert experience in the borderlands between chamber music, folk, jazz, and space pop. It is with great pride that we can present a Danish premiere of this fascinating piece of music.

The concert is supported by PULS.