Frode Haltli/Erlend Apneseth Duo (NO)


Not only will Frode Haltli perform on Fanø Free Folk Festival with his all star ensemble ‘Avant Folk’. We also have the honour of presenting a special duo performance with Haltli and Erlend Apneseth performing acoustic in the beautiful space of Sønderho Church. Erlend Apneseth is one of Norway’s most renowned Hardanger fiddle players. Traditionally rooted, in recent years Apneseth has made the contemporary / improvised music scene his home and his debut recording ‘Blikkspor’ (Grappa Musikkforlag, 2013), produced by Arve Henriksen, received critical praise from folk, jazz and contemporary music magazines alike. His 2017 album ‘Åra’ made Le Monde exclaim: “this is music of sublime beauty”. This spring, Erlend Apneseth invited Frode Haltli to perform with his trio for a brand new album on Hubro. And the album ‘Salika, Molika’ has already received rave reviews. We’re in for a performance of rare beauty at Sønderho Church.

The concert is supported by PULS.