Flygtningestemmer: Nour Amora/Anne Geertsen/Gert Barslund (SY/DK)

Folk music has from early times often reflected the life of the wanderer, the exiled, the marginalized. We feel that it’s natural that a festival for new folk music in 2016 should also reflect the stories and experiences of refugees who have become an important part of European and Danish debate the last year. This year the festival will host a session presented by Flygtningestemmer – a project initiated by psychologisk and musician Gert Barslund with the aim to lift the experiences of refugees into a musical context created in a cooperation between Danish musicians and musicians with a refugee background. On Fanø Free Folk Festival we’re delighted to present the Syrian musician Nour Amora in dialogue with Barslund and the Danish singer and keyboard player Anne Geertsen. The concert will be a mix of Syrian songs from Amoras old band, songs by Barslund and Geertsen as well as songs written in cooperation with young refugees in Denmark.