FFFF & Jazzhouse present: Asiq Nargile, Norberto Lobo & Glorias Navales

The tickets for the 2017 edition of Fanø Free Folk Festival are sold out and we continue to be completely overwhelmed by the support from our audience. That is why we promise to bring you a very special programme for this year’s festival and while you wait, we are also happy to invite you around for an evening celebrating folk from further parts of the world: April 21, we are part of presenting a dream come true at Jazzhouse in Copenhagen. For this diverse evening devoted to experimental and eccentric folk music from around the world, Fanø Free Folk Festival and Jazzhouse present a Portuguese masterful guitar player, repetitive psych from Chile, and devastatingly beautiful singing and saz-playing from Georgia.

21.  April @ Jazzhouse

Asiq Nargile (GE) + Norberto Lobo (PT) + Glorias Navales (CH)

Asiq Nargile draws from the rich Georgian folk music legacy of her country, skillfully adding elements from Russia and Azerbaijan. With her voice and hypnotic sonic landscapes, she calls forth epic and gripping pieces of folk poetry. Norberto Lobo makes a lasting live impression with his virtuous and soulful guitar playing blending Portuguese nerve and longing with spirited free folk and glittering jazz. This evening will be the relatively young band Glorias Navales‘ first concert in Denmark. Glorias Navales mixes Chilean folk music with a lo-fi aesthetic to form repetitive rock inspired by the likes of Velvet Underground and psych folk.


DJ’s from Fanø Free Folk Festival will play sets before, in-between, and after the concerts.