FFFF & ALICE cph present: Çiğdem Aslan

We are very proud to present something quite special to start the summer in collaboration with the music venue ALICE cph. Back in 2014 we had the pleasure of inviting amazing Kurdish singer Çiğdem Aslan to Fanø Free Folk Festival to perform. On June 1st Copenhagen will finally get the chance to hear the highly acclaimed singer and her take on the rembetiko genre, when Fanø Free Folk Festival and the new venue ALICE cph (formerly Global & Jazzhouse) present a concert with Aslan and her ensemble.

June 1st @ ALICE cph
Çiğdem Aslan (TR) + DJ Professionel Dansker at ALICE

Çiğdem Aslan has spent years uncovering complex cultural mosaics from Turkey and the Balkans. Aslan sings in multiple languages – Kurdish, Turkish, Greek, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Romani, to mention some – and with her projects she interprets everything from Klezmer, Balkan music, and Turkish, Kurdish, and Anatolian traditions. She is a leading interpreter of contemporary rebetiko – music recounting tales of the emigration and exile. Before and after the concert, the amazing DJ-duo Professionel Dansker, will compliment Aslan’s journey with music taking you from anadolu psych rock, bellydance, türk fasl to disco, house, and techno.