Det Yderste Hav (DK)


When we started Fanø Free Folk Festival 10 years ago, the very first concert was with local trio Det Yderste Hav. A trio which explores the traditional music of Sønderho, but also takes the music into new and personal realms. This year the main programme in Sønderho Forsamlingshus will finish Sunday afternoon with Det Yderste Hav – so the circle is complete! The trio consists of two of Sønderho’s renowned musicians, Peter Uhrbrand (violin) and Jørgen Bjørslev (guitar) as well as writer and vocalist Jeppe Brixvold. While they base their expression on the traditional Sønderhoning, which is essentially dancing music, they manage to create a space for contemplation, poetry and new experiments. A trio that truly reflects the roots as well as the modern life of Sønderho.