Calming River (UK)

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Under the moniker Calming River, British musician Joshua Malcolm creates gentle landscapes of folk guitar, ambient atmospheres, and haunted songwriting. The stage name may conjure up images of tranquillity but there has always been an opposing tide of dissolution and… Continue Reading


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Equipped with two guitars, a vast array of effect pedals, drum machines, and synth modules, the Aarhus-based duo ZRN has shaped a signature sound which is a delicate and tender waltz between sheer noise and beautiful, droned-out, smouldering soundscapes. Originally… Continue Reading

Sarah Louise (US)


Sarah Louise Henson is one part of the duo House and Land, but will also perform with her solo project for this year’s festival. Finding inspiration in fields and forests surrounding her North Carolina home, self-taught 12-string guitarist and multi-instrumentalist… Continue Reading

Kathleen Yearwood (CA)

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Taking inspiration from understated folk songs, black metal, and avant-garde composers like Ligeti, the highly productive and versatile Canadian musician Kathleen Yearwood has created a very personal body of work. On her Facebook page she describes her mission as: “Travelling… Continue Reading

House and Land (US)


House and Land is the duo of multi-instrumentalists Sally Anne Morgan (The Black Twig Pickers, Pelt) and Sarah Louise Henson. The duo has devoted themselves to extensive knowledge and musical practice of traditional Appalachian folk ballads and minimalism. With fiddle,… Continue Reading