Nicole Hogstrand (SE)


Nicole Hogstrand (b. 1987) is a Swedish cellist, improviser and composer, living in Copenhagen, Denmark. Besides her background in classical music, she works creatively in other directions such as contemporary music, improvisation, avant-garde, film, theatre and cross-over with other art… Continue Reading

Slowgold (SE)


Slowgold is the project of Swedish singer-songwriter Amanda Wernes. Under her luminous musical alias, she creates timeless and dreamy stories combining the sound of soaring Swedish folk music with sweeping Americana and psych rock inspirations. With her Swedish lyrics delivered… Continue Reading

Mavi Express (INT)

Mavi promo pic-01

Poetic folk and abrasive chaos collides in the strange world of Mavi Expres – a Copenhagen-based trio bringing together musicians of various nationalities and backgrounds. With instruments such as bouzouki, violin, mandolin, guitar, and percussion, the trio explores a rather… Continue Reading

Limpe Fuchs (DE)


The legendary German percussionist, composer, performer, and instrument builder Limpe Fuchs will join this year’s line-up with her extraordinary creations and visionary music. Born in 1941, Limpe has been working with her unique sound sculptures since the 70’s, where she… Continue Reading



Five female voices meet in this acclaimed project consisting of great vocal artists from Norway, Finland, and Denmark. IKI already played at FFFF in 2011. Since then, their improvised vocal experiments have taken a darker and denser turn with their… Continue Reading