C Joynes (UK)


A tireless explorer of the guitar, English musician C Joynes has ploughed a singular furrow through solo guitar, with a body of work incorporating English folk-tunes alongside North & West African music, and lifting proto-minimalist and improvised techniques from the European classical tradition. The Wire wrote about him: “An inheritor to Davy Graham; a lone operator prone to unexpected collaborations, with a repertoire that crosses continents and timezones with consummate ease.” He has played extensively across the UK, Europe and the USA, sharing bills with performers including such FFFF favourites like Shirley Collins, Alasdair Roberts, Richard Dawson, Josephine Foster and many more. On top of this, his acclaimed 2019 album, “The Borametz Tree”, was recorded with a lovely bunch of good people who have performed previously on Fanø Free Folk Festival: Dead Rat Orchestra, Cam Deas and Nick Jonah Davies. This summer we’re looking forward to include C Joynes in the free folk family tree, where his beautiful music truly belongs.