Arlt (FR)

Eloïse Decazes and Sing Sing form the core of Arlt; among the most startling and captivating bands of the contemporary French underground. In its most stripped-down version, a shaggy beating guitar and two voices (male and female) under hypnosis, are enough to produce a highly uncanny and haunted space-time; both soft and strangely wild. Arlt’s music: both baroque and minimal re-calls antique French troubadours, old Brigitte Fontaine records, a fried country blues blurred by geographical distance, the proto-rock’n’roll of imaginary pioneers, the skeletal minimalism of Pascal Comelade, the medievialish melodies of Moondog and the dervish-like qualities of rebetiko 78rpm’s. Arlt often invites other musicians to improvise on and disrupt its songs – among others they have worked with FFFF-related artists such as Eric Chenaux, Victor Herrero and Thomas Bonvalet (from Powerdove), with whom they made a record.