Antti Tolvi (FI)


Antti Tolvi is a self learned composer, performer and sound artist based in Kimitoön Finland. Tolvi has been one of main figures in underground music scene in Finland since 2002. He is also the organizer of the sound art festival Kiilan Äänipäivät since 2014. He merges the worlds of performance and sound art. On Fanø Free Folk Festival Tolvi is invited for a residency, where he will create a site specific sound installation using sounds and field recordings from the island. Tolvi will also give a special performance at Sønderho Church, using gongs. With an experimental approach to the traditional gongs, often using electronics, Tolvi has made concerts around Europe and major festivals in Finland. He is known to work with the acoustics of the space he performs in. Last year Tolvi visited Fanø while performing alongside Lau Nau and since then he’s had a special wish to perform in the space of Sønderho Church.

The concert is supported by PULS.