Annelies Monseré (BE)


Nearly twenty years ago, Annelies Monseré set out on a musical expedition, to arrive at a unique and experimental sound reminiscent to the sound of slowcore, traditional ballads, ambient and drone folk. Throughout her experimental trip she searched, found and rediscovered her own voice: sometimes whispering, sometimes icy chilly or sometimes fragile and warm. Musical references include Movietone, Nico, Shirley Collins and Richard Youngs amongst others. Her debut ‘Helder’ (2005) sounded delicate and intimate with perfect ‘flaws’ and noises. Piano and voice played a leading role. Since then she has expanded her range of instruments and allowed her to be inspired, both musically and textually, by a wider range of sources from folk, drones, ballads, ambient and even doom. Nowadays, organs and drum machines play a more prominent role. Annelies Monseré is frequently involved in collaborative projects. Among these is the duo Hydromedusae with Jessica Bailiff. Her latest release in her own name is the wonderful 2018 release “Happiness is within sight”.